North Cape is to be an inclusive community that promotes well-being and bolyst and where citizens are given the opportunity for good activity experiences in close connection to nature and society at large. To succeed in this, assumed a close relationship between health and social care, upbringing and culture as well as voluntary groups and organizations in the municipality.


North Cape municipality in the time 2004 - 2007 has been a FYSAK (physical activity) municipality.
Throughout the project there has been created a number of new activity measures, while the established activities have been revitalized and developed.
Cooperation of voluntary organizations has been great, and local businesses have set up and sponsored various events. Public health project is unique in the sense that it requires a volunteer population. To build the culture of a positive and concerted efforts through positive measures.
In a broader perspective, we see the development of cohesion and commitment among citizens across age, gender and social divides. It occurs experience of values​​, which are of great importance in the community

North Cape municipality was invited by Finnmark County Council to participate in public health project "Life and light, light and dark," and by decision of the council 13/03/07 North Cape has signed an agreement with the county on partnerships for public health.
The project will facilitate prevention and health promotion activities in a broad perspective
The five priority areas are:
  • Physical activity and Outdoors activity 
  • Culture
  • Physical planning health promotion 
  • Smoke and drug prevention
  • Gastronomy 
  "Participation, activity and mastering"
North Cape municipality has since the 90s, developed good methods for interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral efforts in various services. An important result of this work is the municipal sector plan "Participation, activity and mastering" which was adopted in March 2008.

The plan focuses specifically on comprehensive and coordinated service delivery across groups and sectors. It is specified in the plan that there are other sectors which "determines" the health of the population, but that the health service as required by law to be an important driving force. There are many players in this effort, and the municipality has a legal responsibility. It is important that sectors other than health care are helping to facilitate