Municipality Plan policy documents - strategy and program

North Cape Municipality is in the process of creating a new municipal

Two key policy documents are drawn up and adopted, municipal planning strategy and planning programs for the community section. Municipal planning strategy is a new tool for municipalities and authorized by the new Planning and Building Act (PBL) of 2009. The purpose is to clarify and prioritize the plan tasks municipality should start or continue to facilitate the desired development of the municipality. Municipal planning strategy partly replaces the mandatory requirement for rotating the municipal plan, which was located in the former Planning and Building Act (PBL 1985). The planning strategy was adopted by the council 10/23/12.

The planning program shall PBL § 4-1 completed as part of the formal start of the planning process. Planning program by law must accounted for:

  • Purpose of planning - planning process (participants, schedule, etc.)
  • Arrangements for participation of those affected by the plan
  • Which options will be considered
  • Needs assessment

Planning program for the social element was adopted by the council 05/02/13


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